Yet another plan to save the media with technology

“Jim McKelvey is the co-founder of the payments and processing giant Square. He’s got a startup called Invisibly that’s part micro-payments where you pay for individual articles and part ad tech where you, the reader, can earn free articles by trading more data. Choose to pay for no ads at all or strike a balance somewhere in the middle.”

Fresh Streaming

Interesting take from Streaming Observer:

“In fact, when you look at it in terms of what percent of each movie library is made up of Certified Fresh, not only does Netflix completely dominate, but Amazon Prime falls in dead last.

  • Netflix – 3,839 movies total, 596 of which are Certified Fresh (15.5%)
  • Hulu: 2,336 movies total, 223 of which are Certified Fresh (9.6%)
  • HBO Now: 815 movies total, 38 of which are Certified Fresh (4.7%)
  • Amazon Prime – 17,461 movies total, 232 of which are Certified Fresh (1.3%)”

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